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Save money with one of our Advert Packages providing you with a complete suite of adverts tailored for your business

At AliCat Design we can design a complete range of adverts for your business, based on your corporate identity and tailoring the content on each to fit the the size. For instance, a lot more can be fitted into an A4 advert than an A7 and rather than using all the information we will advise on what should be included for maximum impact.

We can also provide bespoke packages to suit your specific requirements.

If you don’t currently have any advertising we can work with you to develop a complete advertising campaign - including copywriting and photography should you need it - please ask for further details.

Bronze Package

Our basic package will give you adverts that will be suitable for a range of uses.

A4 portrait
A5 landscape
A6 portrait
A7 landscape

£99 + vat - SAVE £50

Silver Package

This excellent value option will provide you with a suite of adverts to suit any publication.

A4 portrait
A5 landscape & A5 portrait
A6 landscape & A6 portrait
A7 landscape & A7 portrait

£140 + vat - SAVE £60

Gold Package

This package will provide you with a complete set of adverts to cover every size option.

A4 portrait
1/2 A4 vertical
A5 landscape & A5 portrait
A6 landscape & A6 portrait
A7 landscape & A7 portrait
A8 landscape & A8 portrait

£200 + vat - SAVE £80

Premium Package

Our premium package will give you a complete suite of adverts with three themed adverts in each size.

A4 portrait x 3
A5 landscape x 3
A5 portrait x 3
A6 landscape x 3
A6 portrait x 3
A7 landscape x 3
A7 portrait x 3

£300 + vat - SAVE £100

advert design packages

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